About us

The European Sensory Network (ESN) is an international network of leading research institutions and industrial partners at the cutting edge of sensory and consumer sciences.

we share ideas

ESN was founded in 1989 to meet the challenge of the rapidly developing science of sensory analysis within Europe. Today, ESN brings together 26 member organizations acting in 17 European countries, and five non-European countries. ESN members and partners share their knowledge and expertise to explore the value and applications of sensory sciences in food and non-food industrial practices.

we provide support

ESN serves as a platform for international networking and cutting edge research in sensory and consumer sciences. We hold international seminars and conferences and share up-to-date methodological guidelines (e.g. on standardization). We offer consulting concerning sensory methods, market research, setting up of sensory and consumer studies, project design, data treatment and interpretation, questions about behavior and perception.

we bridge the gap

We bring together basic and applied science. ESN offers numerous cross-border links between sensory scientists and industrial partners. These collaborations have proven to be very valuable. The well-established contacts among ESN members make it easy to plan and perform international studies, and guarantee exceptional research using universal standards.



ESN meeting in Brussels 2019

ESN meeting in Windsor 2017

ESN meeting in Reykjavik 2015


ESN meeting in Munich 2011


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