haystack, Leuven & Amsterdam & Dubai (Belgium, Netherlands & AMEA)

  • Organisation form: Private
  • Focus on: International consumer and sensory research company
  • Major activities: Sensory consultancy: Consumer Sensory testing and Expert panel profiling. Eye tracking and observation cameras. Neuro research tools and methods (EEG & GSR). (online) Communities. Co-creation.


Ludovic Depoortere
(CEO haystack)
Romeinsestraat 4
3001 Leuven (Heverlee) - Belgium

HQ Leuven, Tel: + 32 (0) 16 62 11 58
Amsterdam Office: +31 (0) 20 8004400
Dubai Office: + 971 50 494 7956 (UAE)

haystack is specialist in international sensory research & founder of the Sens-Group, enabling our clients to gather sensory data via 35 accredited fieldwork partners all over the world. haystack has been active in sensory research since 1974. Our goal is to deliver valuable insights in the areas of product development & marketing.

A holistic approach and a continuous search for new technologies have been key elements of haystack’s mission since the company’s inception. This has resulted in such state-of-the-art marketing research tools as Neuro research tools and methods, Eye Tracking Research, Tachistoscopic Research, and Sensory Research (using both local and mobile sensory labs).

Such innovations in combination with traditional research techniques (product and concept testing, communication & brand research – packaging research – taste tests,etc.) pave the way to marketing success.

Member of Febelmar; Stichting Marketing; European Sensory Network; MOA; POPAI; NMSBA

Find out more at www.haystack-international.com