Crea, Italy

  • Organisational form: Governmental Institution
  • Focus on: Food
  • Major activities: research, education, training, consulting



Fiorella Sinesio
Via Ardeatina, 546
00178 Rome


Crea Rome, is a governmental research organisation under the aegis of the Italian Ministry of Agriculture. It provides strategic and applied research in the fields of Food Science and Nutrition. INRAN also provides advice and guidance to the food industry to help improve product quality and stimulate product and process innovation.

Crea combines and integrates several scientific disciplines, including the sensory and consumer sciences. The staff includes 200 full or part-time employers.

The scientific and experimental expertise of the sensory science team is centred mainly around quality assurance studies and consumer research. In the area of consumer science the focus is on the analysis of consumer attitudes and behaviour, knowledge of the determinants of consumer food choice, and product perception.

The sensory group provides consulting, technical assistance and services to food industries for the purpose of product development and improvement.


We can offer:

  • objective sensory evaluation with a specially-trained panel to describe and measure sensory characteristics of ingredients and products
  • an understanding of consumer perception and preferences; this is achieved by using qualitative (discussion in small groups; interviews) and quantitative (preference and acceptability tests) techniques of selected target groups
  • in-house technical assistance for the development of sensory analysis and training of sensory panels


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