CSIRO Food Science Australia

  • Organisational form: Governmental
  • Focus on: Food
  • Major activities: Research in production innovation, food quality, healthy foods and integrated food safety


CSIRO Food Science Australia

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Food Science Australia is a joint venture of CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation) and the Australian Food Industry Science Centre. With its team of 250 co-workers and world-class facilities it is a major long-term contributor to the prosperity of the Australian food processing industry - from farm-gate to plate.

Our focus is to develop innovative food processes and safe, value-added food products to help make Australian food companies among the most competitive in the world. As a research organisation Food Science Australia is involved in underpinning, enabling and applied research.

Food Science Australia’s research focuses on three areas:

  • Production Innovation and Food Quality - improving food quality and manufacturing efficiency through innovation
  • Healthy Foods - enhancing nutritional and physiological function of foods
  • Integrated Food Safety - controlling food-borne hazards

Food Science Australia offers sensory testing services at the product and consumer interface. At the consumer interface our services include product profiling using trained sensory panels and consumer preference testing. At the product interface we offer a range of analytical services including GCMS and GCO. Our sensory science capabilities can also draw upon expertise in other areas of Food Science Australia including supply chain innovation, packaging, microbiology, and process development.

In Australia we have three trained sensory panels, a trained GCO panel, and two consumer databases with intercept testing capability. We offer an Australia-wide sensory service out of our New South Wales (Sydney) and Victoria (Melbourne) sites. Our on-site facilities include computerised sensory testing booths. We also provide consumer testing capability across the Asia-Pacific region through coordinated use of approved market research agencies.

The sensory evaluation team at Food Science Australia has strong links with the Consumer Science Research Program at CSIRO's Health Science and Nutrition division. Cooperative work includes research into psychological and cognitive factors affecting consumer choice.

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