Four new members join the European Sensory Network

We are glad to announce that our network is growing. We are adding four new members, and with them, we are expanding our expertise as well as the numbers of countries and sensory cultures.

Who are our new members and why are they joining the network? First of all, these are the four research companies: Sensenova, Brazil; Qi Statistics, UK; Compusense, Canada; New Sense, Israel.


The ambassadors of our new member organisations: Anne Hasted and Gemma Hodgson from Qi Statistics (front row left & middle); Keren Corley from New Sense (middle row, left); Claudiney Neto (middle row center), Rogerio Fernandez (middle row right) and Alexandre Cantelli Bergamo (front row right) from Sensenova, Chris Findlay from Compusense (all the way in the back). (Photo: Klaus Dürrschmid)


latin america is calling – sensenova

Let´s take a trip to São Paulo, Brazil. This is the home of Sensenova, a Brazilian sensory research company that was founded in 2009 and serves customers all over the world. Since its foundation, Sensenova has had a strong international outreach. By becoming a member of ESN, Sensenova strengthens the tie between the exciting sensory research scene in South America and the long tradition of sensory research in Europe. With a highly diverse population of over 200 million people, Brazil is a melting pot of different sensory cultures.

Brazil is the first ESN member from South America, and ESN chair Claire Sulmont-Rossé shares the enthusiasm; “We are looking forward to working with Sensenova. They will bring new cultures and perspectives to our research. This is what makes sensory research truly interesting.” At our last ESN meeting in Windsor, Britain, we had the pleasure of getting to know the three directors of Sensenova Alexandre Bergamo, Claudiney Neto and Rogerio Fernandes.

When asking Alexandre why Sensenova wanted to join ESN, he answered: “Europe is known in the world for its unique tradition and expertise in sensory science, and the European Sensory Network is representing this heritage. The exchange will help us to develop our full potential and will give ESN access to new research opportunities.” Seja bem-vinda Sensenova.

an eye for data, big and small – qi statistics

Good sensory research needs good statistics and good analysis. Nobody knows this better than Anne Hasted from Qi Statistics. You might have heard her inspiring talks during the recent 2017 Pangborn symposium or at past sensory science congresses. For nearly 30 years the UK-based Qi Statistics has provided statistics training, data analytics, software, and consultancy. It is one of the world's leading providers of statistical support for sensory and consumer applications.

“We have worked with members and partners of ESN in the past, thus, it felt natural for us to join the network”, says Anne Hasted. “We are eager to be part of ESN’s innovative research and add the newest developments in statistics and data analysis to the projects.” During the last ESN meeting ESN members’ heads often turned to Anne when discussing new research ideas. Claire Sulmont-Rossé emphasizes that “It strengthens our research when we include statistical expertise in the very early planning phase.” Welcome to Anne, Gemma and their team. Let´s escape p-value land together.

welcome back keren – new sense

Sometimes researchers leave ESN because they have moved on to another research institution or founded their own business. Sometimes we see them again. So it is with Keren Corley. She and her colleagues established New Sense seven years ago and turned it into one of the leading sensory research companies in Israel. Four years ago, they became part of the Nielsen Group. New Sense´s clients are global companies, with an emphasis on countries in North Africa and Southeast Asia, among them China, Indonesia and Myanmar.

Israel is known for innovative research. “A young and dynamic company such as New Sense fits perfectly to ESN”, enthuses Claire Sulmont-Rossé. “Since our research encompasses more and more countries, with their experiences in the Middle-East, North Africa, and Southeast Asia, we are glad to have New Sense among us.” Keren Corley adds, “I´m eager to join forces with ESN members and partners. Let´s envision the future of sensory science together”. ברוך הבא Keren.

sensory guidance – compusense

Some companies are so well known that they need no introduction. But let´s try anyway. Chris Findlay founded Canadian-based Compusense 31 years ago. The company has become a world leader in sensory and consumer science, with a focus on software development and independent research programmes. Compusense´s research has led to the development of innovative methods such as TCATA, FCM and Sensory Informed Design that have all been published in peer-reviewed journals.

Chris Findlay has received series of awards – in 2017 he received the ASTM E18’s David R. Peryam award for his contributions to sensory science. He is also part of the board of directors of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT). Chris explains why Compusense joined ESN: “I think there is a lack of integration in sensory research. Results are often different between labs due to disparities in methods. As I see it, ESN provides guidance to the sensory world and can help to integrate the research.” We are certain Chris and Compusense will be a strong partner in guiding the sensory community.


European Sensory Network – August 2017