Consumer Testing Guidelines

How to improve a product? Is there a market niche? These are some of the questions ESN members are asked by product developers and marketers. In this series ESN members answer the most frequently asked questions.

How to improve my product?

A product improvement is often necessary if ingredients are substituted or the production processes are changed. In this case it is often sufficient to maintain the same quality. Another situation where improvement of a product is needed is when a product is challenged by the competitive products on the market.   more

Better than the competitor?

The question as to whether consumers like a given product less, equally, or more than a similar product (e.g. the competitor's offer) occurs when a new product is developed for a market where similar products are already established, or when an existing product is to be reformulated or optimized, and has to be compared to its original version.   more

Does the taste match the concept?

In an innovation process it is important to develop a product marketing concept that creates high initial purchases. However, Olaf Biedekarken of the German sensory and consumer research company isi warns, "to assure that the product purchase is repeated, the marketing concept should also be based on ...   more

How can I measure the sensory variation in my product?

Product standardisation is a basic requirement in sensory quality control systems. This involves measuring the sensory variability and defining the tolerance limits of a product. Standardisation procedures can clarify such questions as: Are the characteristics of a product maintained and reproduced during the production? What is ...    more

What is the Best Combination for Multiple Products?

With a product line that is successful, many manufacturers extend the product line and introduce different versions or varieties of the product in an attempt to maintain consumer interest and extend product appeal. Most manufacturers have difficulty deciding on ...   more

What is a good score for my product?

Anne Goldman, Director of Consumer Guidance Research at ACCE International, has found that when the research results from consumer product tests are presented to clients, the members of the audience often query whether or not their product has achieved a ‘good score’.  more

Is there a market niche?

Sensory mapping in combination with a consumer acceptance test can be used to identify market potential. When a new product is going to be launched on the market, the question arises how the product should be positioned so that it meaningfully supplements or replaces the existing offer. Regina Gramlinger of the company SAM Sensory and Marketing International, Munich, says that ...    more 

Tasty is often not enough

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