Video: What the consumer really wants

Prof. Klaus Dürrschmid from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria gives us an inside view into his research on implicit measurements of food choice.

To evaluate whether a food product is liked, the consumer is usually asked to rate hers or his liking of the food via a scale. Yet the answers are poor predictors of the food’s market success. There must be other cognitive mechanisms at play that influence our food choice. That’s why Klaus Dürrschmid started to use observational technics to measure food-related behavior. These include technics such as eye tracking, face reading, and the emotive projection test.

In the longer version of the video he also shares the results of some of his latest publications (the ESN co-founded study "Are implicit emotion measurements evoked by food unrelated to liking?"; “Smells Like Teen Spirit: Odour-age associations and gives”), and gives some insights into his ongoing projects. 

You can choose between a six and a 23 minute version of the video.

long version:


short version: