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Feb 04

Children and Healthy Eating - free Edulia webinar

4. February 2021, 14-16h, Edulia Project, organzied by Nofima, Norwegian Institute for Public Health, University Copenhagen, University of Oslo

Welcome to our webinar. You will get a chance to catch up with the latest research within the area of children and healthy eating. Learn from the latest studies regarding impact of different factors, how to involve young people in innovation and how to communicate successfully. More ...

Mar 11

Webinar: Descriptive Analysis during Lockdown - Sensory Profiling in the livingroom

11th March 2021, 11 am to 12 pm Germany (CET) - Organizer: isi, Germany

Presentation by Senior Sensory Professional Annika Ipsen on the topic of home profiling in Covid-19 times. Exciting study results and helpful tips for home profiling. Time for discussion and shared ideas on your challenges. The webinar is for free. Register here.

Mar 17

Webinar: Gut Health: Consumer Attitudes and Motivations

17th March 2021, 2pm UK (GMT) - Organizer: Sensory Dimensions

Interest in the area of gut health continues to grow as consumers strive to boost their immune system. This one-hour webinar will delve into consumer attitudes towards digestive health and key motivations impacting product choices. Using insights from our research we will explore the key product attributes and differentiating factors consumers are seeking to help support and manage their digestive health. If you are a interested in the area of gut health, please join us for this webinar. Attendance is FREE click here to register

Apr 19

Foundation in Sensory Science (LIVE training seminars)

19. April 2021 - 29. April 2021, organized by ESN member Sensory Dimensions

This IFST accredited course is delivered LIVE by expert trainers over 8 stand alone modules. The series of training seminars will cover how the human senses make measurements, the contents of the sensory tool box, how to select and train the right people of each test and how to set up, run and analyse the right test for your objective. Candidates attending the full course can opt to sit the examination and gain the IFST Foundation Certificate in Sensory Science. Book you place: http://ow.ly/jFuv50E55cS

Apr 27

Nordic Sensory Workshop - digital edition

27 - 28 April 2021, online - organized by Nofima, Rise, TDI, VTT, MATIS

Theme: What is the Added Value of Sensory and Consumer science?

The aim of the workshop is to give specific attention on how we can communicate the added value that sensory and consumer sciences bring to industry and society. Building a strong bridge between research, industry and final user depends on how we communicate our findings. Storytelling of where and when sensory and consumer studies made a difference for research, product development, new foods acceptance, sustainable society, education, etc. More information ...

May 11

Taste of Creativity - webinar

Tuesday 11th May 2021 at 10–16 EE

Finnish Society of Food Science and Technogy (ETS) and European Sensory Science Society (E3S) are organizing this event to replace annual sensory scientists' symposium that was postponed from May 2020 onwards. This is the 9th E3S SYMPOSIUM 2021. More

Jun 09

Texture matters

9 June 2021, 15.45 - 17.00 CET

E3S Children WG webinar: A cross-national project on texture preference, food neophobia and healthy eating in European children

Texture is one of the main drivers of food acceptance and rejection, especially for young consumers. This sensory modality is also influential in modulating food consumption, being associated with eating rate, nutritional status and health. Despite this, individual differences in texture perception and preference are not well understood. This webinar will present the results of a cross-national project carried out within the E3S Children working group with the aim to get insights on food neophobia and texture preferences in children of different European countries. The outcomes of the study are relevant for both the academic sector and food companies to better understand the mechanisms underlying texture perception and preference in view of food product development and childhood healthy eating. more

Jun 17

Food Reformulation

17-18 June 2021: Online Conference on Food Reformulation - Regulation and Marketing

Reformulating processed food products regarding salt, sugar, or fat content is a highly promising strategy to provide consumers with healthier alternatives within usual purchased categories. However, consumer acceptance, food processor and retailer actions, as well as regulatory approaches face multidimensional constraints and obstacles that are not well understood yet. This conference aims at bringing together researchers from relevant fields such as consumer science, economics, marketing, food and sensory science, and law. Our objective is to stimulate interdisciplinary development and discussion of scientific insights related to healthy and sustainable food reformulation as well as consequences for practical implementation in business and policymaking. more

Jun 18

ESN internal webinar on Sustainability & Consumer Behaviour

18th of June, 15:00 to 17:00 CEST

The webinar is opean to all members and partners of ESN. The agenda will be send to the participants ahead of the webinar. If you are a member or partner and havent received your invite yet, send an email to info@remove-this.esn-network.com.

Jun 21

Understanding Consumers 2021 - online course

21 - 23 June 2021, organized by the Italian Sensory Science Society

Register now to the 5th renewed Live Online Edition of a 3-day synchronous course in sensory and consumer science, enriched by a R-lab optional module: UNDERSTANDING CONSUMERS 2021 PREFERENCES, EXPECTATIONS, CONTEXTS, INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES, EMOTIONS AND IMPLICIT METHODS + RLab. Reduced fee for members of the European Sensory Science Society and Italian Sensory Science Society Società Italiana di Scienze Sensoriali. Lecturers: John Prescott, Gaston Ares, Erminio Monteleone, Lapo Pierguidi and Sara Spinelli. mehr

Aug 09

4th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium ‘Sustainable Sensory Science’ Online

August 9-12, 2021 CT

Pangborn 2021 will now be held as a global online conference with live streamed talks and posters, August 9-12, 2021, and on-demand access for six months after the event – from 24 hours after presentation. In accord with the ideals of the world’s leading sensory science event our lower fees, online delivery and post-event on-demand access will make the event more accessible to all and aligns with our 2021 theme of sustainability. Abstract submission is open for workshops, talks and posters Submit by April 15, 202. more