Industrial Partners

The aims of the European Sensory Network ESN are based on long-term international cooperation between leading research organisations, food manufacturers and other industries (for example industries involved with packaging, cosmetics or household cleaners).


Within the ESN it is possible to consult:

  • Experts in sensory science and market research
  • Experts in perception and behaviour
  • Experts in setting up international sensory and consumer studies
  • Experts in treatment and interpretation of data from sensory and consumer studies

external advisors

In order to assist the ESN in providing research and services, a number of External Advisors have been appointed.  The Advisors hold, or have held, senior positions in the field of sensory, consumer and marketing research, both in industry and academia, and offer advice to members on the direction, scope and relevance of ESN activities.  Furthermore, the Advisors help to re-inforce the industrial context of the work carried out by ESN members.

External Advisors are invited to participate in ESN following recommendation by members.  This is normally for a 3-year period (renewable) and reflects a personal invitation to an individual expert, rather than an invitation to any specific company.

esn-industry network partnerships

The European Sensory Network (ESN) works in partnership with industrial companies for the purpose of collaborating in research and development of methods and approaches in sensory and consumer sciences. ESN-Industry Network Partnership is open to all interested companies whose scope of activity is in line with the objectives of ESN. These partnerships are for the purpose of allowing industrial companies and ESN members increased networking opportunities on a European basis.  They are a means to initiate and support collaborative research projects with leaders in the field to explore new sensory and consumer methods and techniques.

Here you find more information on ESN-Industry Network Partnership including some examples of our research programs.