ESN-Industry Partnership Project #2

Predicting product success by a situational approach

Traditional hedonic methods have proven to be poor predictors of real product success, and a failure rate of 70 to 90 % is the reality for newly launched food products. It can not be excluded that the hedonic testing methodology may be an important factor. In this project we would like to evaluate if a situational approach have the potential of securing a higher predicting power than traditional hedonic testing.

Preliminary research has shown that situational imagination can be induced by presenting situational images or by telling situational stories to the subjects. We intend to create a situational simulation condition in which respondents will be asked for their liking and appreciation of products from a selected product category, and we will compare these results from this with traditional central location testing (CLT) as well as testing the same products in a ‘real life’ setting.

Involved ESN partners

  • SIK-The Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology, Sweden
  • Agrotechnology & Food Innovations, Consumer Studies (CICS), The Netherlands

The situation influences linking. But how?

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