Feelings and Fragrances

The liking of the odor of a product is not everything. It is also important to ascertain what kind of emotions are elicited by the odor. Does the consumer feel more energized, calm, sensual, spiritual? Feelings are exceedingly difficult to measure, but Christelle, her team, along with colleagues from the University of Geneva, have developed questionnaires that allow researchers to come up with results that help in the process of product development.

Christelle Porcherot gives us an insight into how Firmenich investigates the emotional aspects of fragrances to make sure that their products meet the high expectations of the customers. She delves into the latest research and presents questionnaires to measure fragrance-related emotions in different cultures. In the second half of the video, Christelle talks about implicit measurements of emotions and gives examples of how the questionnaires’ results can help Firmenich product designers develop better products.